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OK, lets have some fun.

If you were to see me in any band or, if I were to form a band with a group of musicians, who would you like to see me playing with ? Put your answer in the comment section below. This could get interesting.....

Photo Credit: Fantomfoto
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First full RVP Drum Cam of 2018

Here you have it guys! I just got out gf the studio recording some tunes for Solo Artist, Gabriel Vieyra, from Oregon, USA. His music is hard to describe, I'd say it's alternative, atmospheric music with an edge to it. Very cool stuff!

I used my SONOR DRUMS Prolite Kit and various SABIAN Cymbals. My main Tom Head choice were my Evans Drumheads G2 Clears on top and Evans Resonants on the bottom, with an ST Dry Coated on my Artist Bronze Snare. Lots of tom rhythms and fills in this video, and damn, do they sound amazing! Love my Prolites!!!

Dave and Mike Young from Young Bros. Productions produced, engineered and mixed this session. They did an incredible job, definitely check them out for production work!

I used my trusty Zoom Q8 once again to record all the footage. The video and audio are straight from that camera no editing or sound manipulation. I love that camera!

Hope you guys dig it! If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, hit it up! I plan on releasing a lot of videos soon, stay posted! For now, enjoy my first Drum Cam of 2018!

Special thanks also go out to my other endorsements:

Regal Tip Hardcase International Limited DrumDial Inc. Audio-Technica USA AudioflyHeadphones Jeffery Kelly

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Hey everyone, Here is my first drum cam of 2018! This is from a session I did for, Gabriel Lucas, a solo artist from Oregon, USA. The music is atmospheric wi...

Got my first drum cam of 2018 coming out tomorrow! Here’s a snippet from it... I did a session for solo artist, Gabriel Lucas Music from Oregon. It was a fun session. The music was very atmospheric with edge, if that makes sense ? Haha. I laid down some fun drum parts and can’t wait to hear it finished! My SONOR DRUMS sounded killer as did my SABIAN cymbals. The awesome Young Bros. Productions are producing, engineering and mixing this session. They’re getting some great sounds! The full drum cam will be released tomorrow! Stay posted....

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Ryan Van Poederooyen with Mastermind Motivation Worldwide.

RVP eBook now available in German!

It has begun! My RVP Health, Body and Mind Motivational Workshop eBook, '9 Steps to Living a Life of Purpose', has been transcribed in several languages. Every Monday, we will release a new transcribed language for the next several weeks!

My debut transcribed release is in, German. To download your German copy for free, all you have to do is go to:

There you will see a place to download the English Version or Transcribed Versions. If you want to receive my free motivational weekly blog, 'The 4 Fives', you need to sign up for it with the form provided on the main page. Lastly, spread the word! Let people know that German and other languages are becoming available 🙂

I would like to give endless thanks to, Nisrin El Karkani, for her hard work and kindness is doing this transcription. I would also like to thank, Catherine Souders from Mastermind Motivation Worldwide for putting the German version together to look just like the English Version. Thanks to, Bo Hawkins, from MMW/4 Minute Masters, for putting the website and the English eBook Version together.

As you can see, many people were involved in making this happen, so I could get my vision and literature out there for the world to read. This is teamwork, this is one of many ways how a Mastermind Group can work for you and others. Never forget to surround yourself with people you love, trust and believe in. They will make you stronger, and you will make them stronger in return. You're as strong, successful and happy as the people you surround yourself with, never forget that. Take 100% responsibility and live a life you love surrounded by people you love.

Many thanks to everyone involved and all of you who support me and my vision... things are heating up 😉

Wishing you all the best always,

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Ryan Van Poederooyen is at Creativ Recording Studios.

That’s a wrap!! Had a great recording session yesterday with Young Bros. Productions (Dave Young Music - DTP and Mike Young - DTB) in North Vancouver, recording music for artist, Gabriel Lucas, from Oregon, USA. It was a great session with great music, and great people involved. Stoked to hear it all finished. My drums sounded incredible, thanks as always to all my endorsements! Video footage coming very soon!
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Ryan Van Poederooyen with Sonor Drums in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Session work time! Today I’m working with Young Bros. Productions on solo artist, Gabriel Lucas’s, music. I’m stoked to be using my awesomeSONOR DRUMSS kit in this studio for the first time. I’ve ditched the 2nd kick drum and snare drum for this session and went to myTrick Drums USAA double pedal. Otherwise it’s the same setup with a ghost kick drum. Stoked to get some killer tones and lay down some fun beats and fills! Video to come soon.... time to get sounds!
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Ryan Van Poederooyen with SONOR DRUMS.

RVP Session Work ideas...
Working on a groove for a session taking place this Thursday, with Young Bros. Productions. Should be a ton of fun and I get to hear my awesome SONOR DRUMS kit recorded in a new studio setting. Stoked!!! #rvp #ryanvanpoederooyen #sessionwork #ideas #drumideas #grooves #beats #drums #drumming #bells #splashes #drummerslife #drummersofinstagram #youngbrosproductions #lifeisawesome #grateful
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RVP ‘Open for Business’!

Hey guys, just wanted to update you on ALL my happenings, since the DTP Hiatus announcement 2 weeks ago. The future is shaping up nicely! Some of your most popular questions in my recent posts are answered at the bottom of this message 😉 It’s a long post but VERY informative on my professional situation…

First of all, I want to say I have BIG plans for 2018. I’ve been looking into multiple opportunities that have come my way and have also been returning emails daily while working on my future. There is currently a lot planned and a lot I’m planning for 😉 Here you go:

New Band: I have been contacted by a few bands and been offered various opportunities and will continue to look at what comes in. I’m thankful for all of them but I’m taking my time and choosing carefully. It’s very important that I continue in a professional setting that suits me. I have to be 100% into the music I’m playing and want to join a positive and fun environment. The good thing is I love many different styles of music and enjoy getting along with people! I look forward to getting back on tour and continuing to see the world, but it has to be the right situation. I’ll keep you all posted once I have found the right fit, with the right music and people 🙂

Session Work: I have a couple recording sessions lined up. I’ll be recording my first one this week in Vancouver and Young Bros. Productions will be recording it, which will be awesome! Anyone interested in having me play drums on their music, you can contact me via at the ‘Hire Ryan’ section for details on how to hire me.

Drumeo: Yes, I announced a couple days ago that I’m planning something special with Drumeo. I had a great meeting with Dave and we hashed out some great ideas that we will be putting forth very soon. Stay posted for the dates and more info on this page!

Skype Lessons: Now that I have a ‘little’ more time, I also have opened up some more room for Skype Drum Lessons. I’ve booked 7 new students and can take on a few more. If interested, you can PM me on this page or contact me via at the ‘Hire Ryan’ section for details on how to hire me.

Drum Clinics/Motivational Speaking: I’m talking with some successful and very interesting people, and making some big plans for my motivational speaking career. It’s as important to me as my music career. I love both equally. Mastermind Motivation Worldwide has a lot of plans and we’re looking into bringing a RVP Workshop Seminar around the world. It would include an RVP Drum Clinic followed up with my Personal Development Workshop on how to make it in any industry you love working in! I’ve had lots of requests for South America, places in Europe and Australia. I’m open to any other suggestions. Stay posted at MMW and RVP Health, Body and Mind for all upcoming details. To contact me if you’re interested in booking this workshop day, go to at the ‘Hire Ryan’ section for details on how to hire me.

Popular Questions: DTP: You all want to know if this is the end of the DTP or is it a hiatus ? Well, I can’t answer that question, only Devin truly knows. I loved my time playing for Devin the past 15 years. I’m very grateful for all those years playing with all the DTB and DTP guys. At this time, I need to look at other avenues to expand my career and continue making a living off of music. I certainly can’t wait for Devin to decide if the DTP will come back. He might take 2 years off or more ? No one knows. He needs to follow his heart and that’s not with the DTP right now. I commend him on that and wish him the very best. I need to do the exact same thing… follow my heart and do what I love. I’ve always done that. This is a great opportunity to spread my wings and further my career. So, we’ll see what the future holds with the DTP, but for now I need to look at what’s best for me and that doesn’t involve the DTP. That’s the best I can answer that question at this time.

Terror Syndrome: I’ve been asked a lot if Terror Syndrome is starting up again. The immediate answer is no. BUT, I am writing a lot of music. This could be used in a band I join or maybe a new solo record or it could be Terror Syndrome 2. It’s all up in the air and the rest of my career decisions will dictate where my new music goes. Stay posted!

Message to you ALL:

I say it all the time, and I will say it once again!


Thanks for the endless support, kind words, well wishes and love. You all helped make my career what it is today and will continue to do so. Without your support, NONE OF US in the DTP could have done everything we’ve achieved. The importance of your support has always been number one in my professional career. That’s why I’ve always taken the time to sign every autograph, stop and say hello if you recognize me, return your PM’s or answer your questions in my post’s. You guys are a big part of my career and I never have taken that for granted. Not once! I seriously can’t wait to have you all along for the ride in my next chapter of life. There are some really ‘interesting’ offers and situations developing in my life and I know in the end, it’s going to be awesome and I’ll be able to see all your smiling faces once again 🙂 Now back to work I go on my future…. there’s lots on my plate and lots to get done. Exciting times. Watch me go 😉 Wishing you all the very best,

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Ryan Van Poederooyen is at Long & McQuade - Port Coquitlam.

Proud of my 14 year old drum student, Adam. This kid goes home and practices his butt off after our lessons together. After only 4 thirty minute drum lessons, he’s getting through all of the song, ‘Tom Sawyer’ by RUSH. At his age, that’s awesome! It goes to show if you put your mind to it, break things down and believe you can do it... you will achieve greatness in small and big ways! Nice work, Adam!
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Ryan Van Poederooyen added 2 new photos — with Drumeo.

RVP and Drumeo!

Yes, it finally happened! 🙂🙌 I've had a lot of requests to hook up with the great people at Drumeo. So, we finally made it happen. I had a great day yesterday visiting their studios in Abbotsford, BC. For those of you who don't know Drumeo, they are the #1 online educational drum website in the world! Dave and I did some brainstorming, and we came up with some awesome ideas... stay posted for some very cool stuff to be announced through Drumeo soon! 😉
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Ryan Van Poederooyen was live — in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Plans moving forward.... exciting times.
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Tomorrow I'll be doing a live feed on this page at, Noon Pacific Time, 3pm Eastern Time and 8pm GST time.

I will catch up with you all and fill you in on a couple things happening in my world 😉 I'll also try and answer a couple questions for you on the feed tomorrow too! See you tomorrow at Noon Pacific Time!
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Working with this very kit on some really cool ideas, teaching, session work and ‘other things’ 😉 Feeling really good and grateful for the break from touring. Recharging and preparing for my next chapter in music, still undecided on what it will be but excited for everything it will turn into. Go time!

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Some sound advice I teach and have consistently used throughout my career.

"What's it going to take, to make you physically see what you believe in?"

Are you asking yourself this question each day ? Are you doing anything about it ? Are you thinking about it ?

You should be...

This goes beyond taking action. Taking action is an obvious step you MUST do to make things and experiences happen in your life. But.... it goes deeper than that. I prefer to call this deeper and organic passion your 'Sole Impulse'. It's yours and yours only... use it to be that professional musician, or sports figure, or whatever you want to be in your life!

We're all different in some way, embrace your difference. That's the key.

Different things make us tick. Therefore, one thing may work for you, but not for someone else. That's why I believe it's important I teach and inspire people in a broad manner when it comes to this specific topic in personal development. For example, I made it in the music industry and continue to strive due to the road I paved, and the way I paved it. I did it my way. They say it's all be done before, and this is somewhat true, but you can always add to it, to make it better and new again. People continue to do this world wide and YOU need to do this too. Evolve. Day in and day out you need to follow your gut with loving what you do, and doing what you love, your own way.

So, what's it going to take ? It's going to take YOU listening to your inner self, not trying to be like someone else. Be honest with yourself! Don't be scared to be YOU! If you have a vision that feels right to you, then you must follow that feeling through. It doesn't matter if this feeling has had no previous history, or hasn't been done before, or you think of it in a different way than everyone else. That's what will always give YOU the upper hand!!! This is what drove me my entire life. I had my own 'Sole Impulse', that I didn't compromise one bit. I failed at times, I succeeded at times but I learned from all my experiences, and I always stuck to my honesty... what I believed in, and I eventually succeeded. I stuck to my 'Sole Impulse'.

If you're true and honest to yourself, love yourself, and most of all, believe in yourself, you will then give yourself the best chance at finding your 'Sole Impulse' and creating your future success. You will also start living a life of purpose, happiness and a life on your own terms.

This is a key component you will need to start applying in order to physically see what you believe in, and want in your life.

Be the best version of yourself through being honest with yourself first, and then seeing your true feelings through. Be your own difference and push through until you arrive at what you've envisioned. This is not just inspiration or motivation. It's your own unique path that will lead you to where you want to be. Your own original and organic inspiration, your true potential... your 'Sole Impulse'. Find it, don't doubt it, and I guarantee you will have your best chance at seeing what YOU believe in and want in your life!


Wishing you all the very best,

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Here’s a pic while I was on tour last year with the DTP in Europe. I love playing live and that raw energy. Stoked to get back to it. To be continued.... stay posted my friends 😉 I never stop working and have a lot of things planned in various ways and I’m also looking at new professional opportunities. Life is awesome and I look forward to every day and the new opportunities that come with it! Bring it 🤘🏻 Lots more to come from me in many new ways 😊

#rvp #ryanvanpoederooyen #thefutureisbright #newbeginnings #excitingtimes #neverquit #moveforward #thankful #grateful #lifeisawesome #changeisgood #music #endeavour #drums #drummersofinstagram #drummerslife #bringit
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