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That time where Tomas Haake, Matt Halpern and I shared the stage with our respective bands at Brixton Academy in London, England. Another bucket-list gig. That was one hell of an awesome show and there were some fun hangs backstage afterwards! Good times with great people.

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That time I got to sit behind and play a Terry Bozzio kit in Chicago. Thanks to my drumming buddy Vic Salazar for taking me there. Good times and one hell of a crazy kit to play. I didn’t know what to hit first! Haha!

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Ryan Van Poederooyen with SONOR DRUMS.

Favourite Snare Drum

So, the question of the day is... What's your favourite snare drum ?

I've been getting a ton of compliments on my snare drum sound in my social media video posts lately. The snare that is getting all those compliments is my SONOR DRUMS Artist Bronze. It is the best snare drum I've ever played and owned to date. My entire Prolite Kit is by far my most favourite drum kit EVER! Thanks for all the nice feedback and comments on my gear and the sounds I get out of it all. Drumming becomes so much more enjoyable when you play gear you absolutely love!

Photo by Zim Zim
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‪Coming up with some grooves and ideas for an upcoming session in LA in September.... These are some ideas for a mid-tempo rock tune with some flare. I love creating and using the different sounds of my kit to compliment the music. The main goal for me is to always play for the song and be musical with my drums. I’m just getting started... lotsa’ different vibes are being worked on. Back to creating.....

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Ryan Van Poederooyen posted 2 photos.

My favourite tattoo work done by the amazing Jeremy Glen back in 2012. Just getting the stencil lined up took a couple hours. We had to stencil both arms so they would match up correctly. Then we did the tattoo outline on both arms in one session. It was a good 8-9 hour session in total with the stencil work. The Japanese Kenji signs merged into the design of the tattoo stand for Happiness, Health and Belief... cornerstones of my life. We put a lot of thought and meaning into this combined piece. Still stoked on it to this very day.

#tattoo #tattoos #jeremyglen #art #sleeve #sleevetattoo #japanese #kenji #happiness #health #belief #favourite #blackandgrey #grateful
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Ryan Van Poederooyen with SONOR DRUMS.

RVP Grooves
Here's a groove that I came up with that's fun to play. I wrote this about a year ago or so, and had to record it. I love the inspiration you get when you sit behind a drum kit that makes you want to be super creative. I definitely get that every time I sit behind my SONOR DRUMS Kit.

Thanks as always to Sonor and all my endorsements...

SABIAN Evans Drumheads Regal Tip Trick Drums USA Audio-Technica USA Hardcase International Limited The Kelly SHU DrumDial Inc. AudioflyHeadphones
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Life is awesome. Grateful and appreciative for all I have now and all that I've experienced in life... looking very forward to the next chapter 🙂

HUGE thanks to all of you awesome people who have supported me and continue to support me with my musical endeavours. Being a professional musician isn't possible without you guys coming to the shows, buying the music, merch and so on... it's the support and community that we've built together that really makes things special for me.

Thank You.


Photo Credit: Rory Moran
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Going back to being on tour in 2012. DTP and @fearfactory did a 2 month co-headlining tour in Europe together. There were so many great times on that tour but I have to admit our stop in Stockholm, Sweden was easily one of the best highlights of that tour! It’s awesome times when you get members of DTP, Fear Factory, Meshuggah and Opeth ‪together for a night out on the town.‬ Awesome times with awesome people 🙂🤘

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Ryan Van Poederooyen is with SONOR DRUMS and 9 others.

Front view of the RVP rig! Had lots of requests for a front view pic. Here you have it 🙂🤘 A run down of all my gear and endorsements can be found here:

Thanks as always for your support guys!

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Ryan Van Poederooyen is at Lake Como - Menaggio, Italy.

Going back to the summer of 2015 and my favourite day off on tour ever! It was at Lake Como, Italy. That place was truly awesome. I’m all about the sights, various cultures and making cool experiences when I go on tour. Brian 'Beav' Waddell and I got out early in the day and just started checking out the whole city. We ended up having a band lunch in the middle of the city. We all walked around the city for a bit and then, Beav and I made our way to the highest peak of the city, via a Gondola, and took in the awesome sights. We ended up having a few beers and eating dinner with a view of the whole lake and city. It was pretty bad ass. Awesome memories. Fun times and the best day off while on tour. Looking forward to doing more of the same sometime soon 🙂🤘
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Ryan Van Poederooyen updated their cover photo.

My office, my dream come true and proof, that if you believe in yourself, work hard and never quit.... you CAN accomplish some amazing things in life 😉

HUGE thanks to all my awesome endorsements!

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I get asked a lot about the DTP ending and how I feel about it. I’ll put it to rest here...

I feel awesome!!!!

Why ? Because it happened!!!! I was a part of it. All the experiences, the friendships, the laughs, the lessons learned from it and the fact that it helped me achieve living my dream career and life.

The DTP has set me up for many other opportunities for me to act on next and I’ll always be grateful for that and my time with Dev and the guys. In short:

“I’m happy it happened, not sad that it’s over.”

Thanks again to Dev and the guys, the different crew members we had over the years, management and MOST of all, our supporters. There is no way in hell we could have achieved any of our success without you.

Here’s to the next chapter, where ever that may lead me! I’m excited for the future...

#grateful #thankyou #dtp #devintownsendproject #livingthedream #dreamcareer #lessons #friends #supporters #nextchapter #drummer #excitingtimes #drums #lifeisawesome
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Ryan Van Poederooyen added 2 new photos.

Touring memories...

Hellfest 2010 (Clisson, France) - the first massive festival I played with the DTP. I have so many great memories from playing this gig. I was pretty hyped and made the most of it. I took it all in when I hit the stage and started playing. I can remember it like it was yesterday. That's the key, make every moment count and ENJOY every second! This was also the day I became friends with KRIMH Drummer (Septic Flesh, ex-Decapitated). We bumped into each other back stage, appreciated each others drumming and became friends that day. Such a great guy and one of the best drummers in metal today, in my opinion. We have stayed in touch with each other ever since 🤘

Here's the setlist we played that day:

OM (half song)
By Your Command

Great memories and great times. Looking forward to getting back too Hellfest one day soon 🙂
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Here's Brian 'Beav' Waddell tracking guitars for the Imonolith song, 'Instinct'. We released a drum cam of this song the other week. Now you can get an idea of what the song sounds like instrumentally with some of Beav's demo guitar tracks. Instinct is another ass whooper with some awesome vocal melodies spread throughout... which you will hear eventually 😉

We're working hard on our music and the best way to get it out to you all ASAP. We obviously plan on touring once we have music out to you guys. We're just working on the big plan and then executing it the best we can. Stay posted for more music and updates to come and thanks for your support!

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Here's Brian 'Beav' Waddell tracking guitars for the Imonolith song, 'Instinct'. We released a drum cam of this song the other week. Now you can get an idea ...

10 year old Grant playing 'Failure' by DTP
I'm grateful for my music career and all that I've experienced and achieved to date. One of the coolest things I've been able to do is teach drum students in Vancouver and all over the world over the past 10 years while on tour with the DTP. Performing in the video below is Grant, my 10 year old drum student from Squamish, BC. His parents drive him up from Squamish to get drum lessons with me at Long & McQuade (Vancouver) Music Educational Centre.

Grant is awesome and a perfect example of what practicing can do for you at any age. He learned the first 3 beats in the DTP song, 'Failure' in one lesson. Grant listens and goes home to practice everything I teach him. He's dedicated and excited to come back even better for the next weeks lesson. That's key 😉

Grant makes me proud as a teacher. It puts a smile on my face to see a 10 year old kid learning drums with purpose. I may show him things but HE is the reason he is as good as he is. HE put in the work, the dedication and HE never quits. The most important thing, I teach him to be a first rate version of himself, not a second rate version of somebody else. ALWAYS be yourself. Learn and take from your influences and then do it your way. This little dude gets it! Way to go Grant! I believe that this drummer has a bright future ahead of him 🙂 It's such a gratifying feeling for a teacher and also awesome to help others along their way to achieving their dreams!

Proud and Grateful - RVP
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Ryan Van Poederooyen with Drumeo and 2 others at Drumeo.

I would personally like to thank everyone at Drumeo for an awesome 4 weeks of Drumeo VIP Camps. I had an awesome time! I met so many amazing drummers from all over the world at these camps. I did a 3 hour workshop on the last day of each camp. The workshops went over awesome. My workshop obviously was about drumming, along with achieving success, and your overall mindset with drumming. The goal was to motivate and inspire people to be the best version of themselves, enjoy drumming and to take it as far as they want to go with it. I've received some touching emails from the attendees over the past weeks and made a lot of new friends. It was just an awesome experience.

I would like to give out some HUGE thanks to Dave Atkinson, Mike Michalkow, Jared Falk, Reuben Spyker, Brandon Toews and everyone at Drumeo for having me guest appear at their VIP camps. It was truly an honour and I look forward to coming back soon. We've been talking about some ideas moving forward with Drumeo that I'm stoked on! Stay posted 😉

Lastly, big thanks to all my endorsements:
Sonor Drums Canada
Evans Drumheads
Regal Tip
Trick Drums USA
Audio-Technica USA
Hardcase International Limited
The Kelly SHU
DrumDial Inc.
Alesis Drums
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